Center for Single Cell Biology

10x Genomics

Chromium Connect

  • Robotic liquid handling system
  • Prepares up to 8 samples simultaneously
  • Automates GEM generation, barcoding, and library preparation
  • Library options include 3’ gene expression or 5’ gene expression with V(D)J gene enrichment
  • Reduced interaction means minimal technical variation

Chromium Next Controller

The Chromium Controller is available for 10x experiments beyond the scope of transcriptomics. For a submitted tissue sample, individual cells or nuclei are individually barcoded. Libraries are prepared for ATAC-seq.  

Illumina Sequencing

Libraries prepared through our 10x pipelines will be sequenced on Illumina platforms. Current options include NextSeq 2000 or NovaSeq 6000. The NextSeq instrument is dedicated for CSCG core customers, so sequencing timelines are reduced.