Center for Single Cell Biology


Deep exploration of cell functional states, differentiation, complex interactions, or marker discovery are made possible through deep sequencing of mRNA at the single cell level. We use the 10x Chromium Connect system to automate library construction of up to 8 samples simultaneously. We can reliably and reproducibly generate expression profiles for up 10,000 cells/sample. There is also an option for immune profiling, which includes whole transcriptome and specific capture of V(D)J transcripts.

More information can be found in the single cell gene expression brochure and immune profiling brochure.




GEX Analysis Pipeline

For each project, the raw bcl or fastq files will be made available. Reads are processed and counted through our standardized pipeline. This includes quality control assessments, deduplication, and droplet filtering. The final count matrix (feature x cell barcode) output can be readily transferred to numerous downstream applications. 

For each project, we will review and summarize the data with the investigation team. Our experienced team of bioinformaticians are also available for customized data analysis requests.


Supported experiments

Library preparation

Gene expression

RNA/ATAC multi-omics

V(D)J Immune Profiling

Cell Hashing

Feature Barcoding


Bulk RNA-seq